Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fit Mama Club

Another Twitterer/Babycenter mama/blogger has started the Fit Mama Club. After having a baby, it's not always easy to get back into shape without some extra work. It's much easier to put in that extra work with a support system in place!

Oddly enough, even though I gained 40 lbs when I was pregnant with Emma, I lost weight with Sophie the first 20 weeks and ended up with a net gain of only 2 lbs. I weighed the day we came home from the hospital (I stayed 24 hrs after having Sophie) and I was down 30 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight! It stayed the same her first year, but has been creeping up again. And even after losing that 30 lbs I was still 40 lbs above where I wanted to be.

So, here I go again!

I don't own a scale so I can't post my weight each week (I really need to get another one...) but I can tell how I'm doing by how well my clothes fit (or not).

Week 1:
Last Week's High - On vacation! I got great "workouts" this week, much better than I could have gotten in a gym. Raking, push-mowing, tree trimming, lifting, carrying - all in the heat and humidity. I know I burned tons of calories!
Last Week's Low - I ate like I was on vacation. Too much soda and sugary drinks. I did drink more water than usual, though.
Plan for This Week- I go back to work tomorrow, and back to a normal routine. It will be easier to stick with a healthy eating. I picked up a bottle of Mio at the store yesterday, too, to take to work with me. There is a ready supply of water there, I just have to DRINK it.


  1. Woop! Woop! You can do it! I'm so happy that you're joining me! :).

  2. Christine - you don't need to buy another scale. They can be pretty worthless in general. Instead find yourself a measuring tape like the ones at a fabric store. You can use this site

    to approximate your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass, which is more important than the number on the scale. Please post this to your group.

    A few years ago I weighed 135 and was a size 6 at 28% body fat. Now I weigh 140 and I'm a size 2/4. Yet, according to my ex-doctor, I needed to lose weight because he only followed the number on the scale and the BMI. Ridiculous! I'm at 24% body fat - hello!

    Good luck on getting into shape. I'm a big fan of heavy lifting, so don't forget the weights!