Saturday, July 2, 2011


Wednesday evening, we noticed a football-sized hornet nest in the small tree outside our house. It's very close to our door, the bird feeder is in that tree, and Emma used to climb it all the time. After calling several exterminators (one wanted $200 to remove it!) I finally found a local independent exterminator who, after I described it to him, said he could do it for $40. He came this morning.

After spraying the nest with the chemical for a minute or so, he was all done! The nest broke apart and the bees were flying around all confused. He said they go out foraging during the day so we'll see stragglers coming back "home" today and tomorrow, but they'll either get in the chemical and die or will just leave. After the next rain, it will all be washed out of the tree and off the ground.
What's left


  1. Glad you found someone to come take care of the problem for a reasonable price!

  2. Ugh. I love summer, but I do not like flying things with stingers near me or my children. Glad it's gone!