Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not guilty

So we just heard the news that Casey Anthony was found not guilty. Not innocent - that is not the terminology. But not guilty, either. I haven't followed this case - I see news reports of course, but I have not been engrossed in the case since the beginning like so many have. I think Nancy Grace is a big reason why - I have never been able to stand her. But regardless, I had my opinion. I think she did it, or at least knew about it and had something to do with it.  However, I also agree with this blog post, agreeing with the verdict. In our society, there has to be no doubt.

Last year, I either read an article, or listened to a podcast (I can't remember which) about the success of the show Dexter in the US.  It seems that even though it is wildly popular show, fans in other countries don't quite understand how we can like a serial killer so much. In our anthropological minds, it makes sense. He kills bad guys. He's like the Wild West sheriff who hunted down the bad guys and made them pay. He is the dark side of us all, who celebrate the reported attitude of other criminals in jail towards inmates who have hurt children.

The general reaction of our nation when we heard the news about the not guilty verdict in this case is exactly why Dexter is so popular.


  1. This is a really interesting point! I think the verdict shocked the nation, I know it shocked me. Thanks for sharing and best of luck in the Ultimate Blog Challenge from a fellow blogger!


  2. It shocked me and everyone I know. Now, although I have never watched Dexter, our local library has the first season. I may get it out....