Monday, July 25, 2011

Writing break

And now for something competely different...
I found a first line here and start with it and just write. I'll write until I have to stop to think and we'll see where this goes. Enjoy! (Hopefully)

It wasn't as if anyone got hurt.  I mean, I really didn't do anything THAT wrong. It wasn't even illegal... I think. I hope. Wow, what have I gotten myself into? It seemed so simple and so easy, just a quick little thing, a nonevent really, then it would be over and everything would be better again. Nothing drastic, even. I could pay off my debts, take care of Sally's medical bills, maybe take her on a vacation somewhere. She always wanted to go to Italy, that would be nice. I wouldn't even quit my job - that would draw too much attention to myself. Debts people wouldn't be obvious, and the vacation I could explain away easily. A contest, an inheritance maybe. I would save for retirement, put some away for college for the kids. It was so easy, too. Just a little switch and a payoff, no one would get hurt and no one would notice. He said it would be so easy. He said no one would get  hurt. He said no one would know it was me. He said my family would be safe. Instead, I'm sitting in this cell with robbers and assaulters and rapists and CRIMINALS! I'm not a criminal - what will happen to me in here? What went wrong?

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