Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday tidbits

That was too easy. I honestly get annoyed by cutesy alliterative blog post titles, but I couldn't think of anything else.
So far I've had fairly busy days at work this week. This is a great thing! My total number of calls has been down for July, but I was also off for a week. I know it would be much higher if I worked those days. I like being busy - it makes the day go by so much faster.  I honestly do enjoy my job, however.

Right this minute, Sophie is wearing only a diaper and my black sequined flats, walking around the living room. It's so fun to watch her play!

Speaking of playing, after dinner my husband and Emma played Kinect Sports. Sophie LOVES the Kinect! She tries so hard to play along. Finally Emma set up a game for her to play and she was so excited. Later while Em and her daddy "bowled" I cuddled with Sophie and Sesame Street on my laptop through Netflix instant queue. She loves that show! I think it's the music.

Yesterday I saw a new doctor. I'd been wanting to find a new primary care doctor for a long time now, but I pretty much only go when I'm SICK and not getting better on my own. Or my husband makes me. But changing insurers at work really gave me the push (and excuse) I needed. My hip has been hurting for a few weeks now, but lately has gotten very bad. Many times I have a hard time standing up after sitting for a few minutes. I can't straighten my leg or back and have sharp burning pain. He checked it out and the joint itself seems fine, and he thinks it's my back actually causing the pain. Which makes sense to me, since it hurts there also. I had some xrays at the hospital yesterday, also, to rule out a hidden problem deep in the joint. I will probably have an MRI soon, too. The xrays hurt the most out of everything yesterday, oddly enough. The moving around and rolling side to side on the hard table, and getting into the positions for best exposure of my hip were pretty painful. Last night was the worst pain night I've had yet. Hopefully this will get cleared up soon. With our family history, he wants to be pretty aggressive in finding the cause and hopefully treating it.  Since I had fallen ten days prior and hurt my foot, he was concerned that the incidents were connected, indicating a neurological problem, until I assured him the fall was from a combination of wet steps, slip-on heels, and thoughtless rushing. Could happen to anyone!

Klout is very interesting to me. I wonder how it determines what topics users are influential in. Mine have changed - now it's glasses, California (???!! I've never even been there!), teens, moms, children, shoes, movies, photography, health, songs, and choices. Interesting. Some I agree with, some confuse me. But it's interesting.


  1. Klout sounds interesting. I'll have to check that out. Love the tidbits (more of your scattered thoughts-type posting which I mimicked this week).

    Hope your pain gets better and you find answers (and fixable problems) instead of more questions.

    Hope Sophie is now sweetly sleeping. ;-)

  2. Thank you!
    I hope this is a simple issue as well. Honestly I'm starting to worry a little but I hate to show it. All I know is that this HURTS.
    Sophie finally fell asleep a few minutes ago! Bedtime for me at last :) She is such a night owl.

  3. Feel better. I've had numerous problems with my knees over the past 5 years, and MRIs and Xrays that you have to hold super still are not very fun. I can relate!