Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Five shows I can't wait to see again this fall!

I don't consider myself a TV junkie, but I guess we do watch a lot. Not nearly as much as some people I know, but it is basically on whenever we are home. We record most of our shows on the DVR, though, and watch later or on weekends when we're home. There are some shows, though, that I am counting down until their return.

1. Bones Did you SEE how the last episode ended?  OMG. After seasons and seasons of will-they-or-won't-they, the whole dream-in-a-coma torture for us, and the hilariously sweet culmination of Angela and Hodgens' on and off relationship with the birth of their beautiful baby, Bones tells Booth that she's pregnant with his child. I cannot wait to see what happens next! Even though a couple seasons back the character wanted to have a baby and asked Booth to be the father, and Emily Deschanel is pregnant in real life, I truly thought she'd likely have the baby during their break and it would never affect the show. This is so much better.

2. Dexter I just love this show. I was late to the Dexter game, though, watching the first four seasons via Netflix while recording the fifth to watch. After the intense immersion into the show, it is so hard to wait for season six to begin! After last season, it seemed like Dexter was growing as a person. I am dying (ha!) to know if the show will touch on a big diffeernce in the book series, though - in the books, Dexter's sister Deb knows what he is and what he does, and protects him. I think that is coming in the series, but not quite yet. Athough it would be super interesting to see how that plays out.

3. House Another "can you believe that ending?" show. Poor House. He just can't let himself be happy, can he? Hugh Laurie is a brilliant actor. The relationship between House and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is priceless. I was disappointed to learn that Lisa Eddlestein (Cuddy) wouldn't be back this season, but I really want to know what happens next. I did love the interactions between House and Cuddy's little daughter, though. I will definitely miss that.

4. Gene Simmons Family Jewels I have never been a KISS fan. I couldn't name five of their songs, and if it wasnt' for my husband telling me "this is a KISS song" I would only be able to name one. Maybe two. When this show was first being promoted before it aired, I thought "Just what we need, another celebrity self-promotion show." Eyeroll. Then I watched it, mostly as a joke the first time to annoy my reality-tv-hating husband. And we were hooked. Even Emma is hooked. We have watched every episode of all six seasons. The result? I still am not a KISS fan, but am a huge fan of Gene and Shannon (who I couldn't have picked out of a photo before the show). They have done an amazing job raising their children Nick and Sophie to be smart, capable, NORMAL people. I know the season finale was just last night, but what a cliffhangar! Both Gene and Shannon tweeted during the episodes this season, which was an added bonus. Neither have given away the answer, though. I can't wait to see it!

5. Castle Another brilliantly funny show with a loveable cast! I also LOVE that the books written by Richard Castle the character are published for real - complete with liner notes, author bio, acknowledgements, and all! It's great! And though I'd only known him from Firefly before this show (thanks again to my husband) I've become a fan of Nathan Fillion. I'd read in an interview a couple years ago where the interviewer commented that he is very much like his Castle character in real life, and that does in fact seem to be true. The cast of this show is amazing, and once again - cliffhangar ending. Did she have on a bulletproof vest? Did she hear him? What will happen next??

We have some other favorites, too: ChuckBig Bang Theory, Glee (for Emma and myself, anyway), a few others, but these five are the ones I'm tempted to mark on my calendar.

But has anyone else noticed that the fall shows are premiering almost a month later this year?? What's up with that??

What shows are you excited to see return?


  1. Yes, we are waiting on BONES also. Jaws hit the floor on the finale. Going to be good.

    Though used to was FAM JEWELS regularly, we have slacked in last year or so. But when I saw the advertisements for last night's finale - it was a must watch. He was finally doing what he swore he would never do. If you paid attention during the comment segments, Shannon had the ring on. ;)

  2. Kevin and I are excited for Parenthood. Right now we're watching Falling Skies and Damages. In January I'll be SUPER excited because Californication will start. WOOT WOOT!!!

  3. I did notice that, Karen, but Shannon and Gene have both said via Twitter that it was NOT "that" ring. She does have several large rings that she wears regularly on that hand. The entire season was spectacular - the most "real" reality TV ever.

    Amanda, we love Damages and Californication as well, but somehow got a season or two behind! We NEED to catch up. My husband is really into Falling Skies, but I just can't get into it. Not a fan of that kind of show.