Sunday, July 31, 2011

A new dessert

Warming to room temperature
In a comment on Wednesday's "Let's chat" blog post, Amanda from Passion. Dedication. Life. Us. mentioned eating smearcase. I had NEVER heard of it before that comment, and she very nicely gave me a link explaining it and a recipe. It sounded delicious, so I tried making it yesterday.

First, here is the Washington Post article describing it, and also with the recipe.

I am glad to say my Kitchenaid stand mixer finally got some use again. I don't do a lot of baking, so it does get a bit neglected. After letting the cream cheese and eggs warm to room temperature, I started mixing for the crust. It was easier to put it in the dish than I thought it would be, although I realized when I poured the filling in later that it wasn't exactly even. Oh well, it still held up. 
The crust

Mixing the filling
After the crust I washed out the mixing bowl and the wire mixing thing, and added the cream cheese and sugar. I set the timer for two minutes, and let it go. I like this part of mixing! I should probably use the stand mixer more often!  Next was the milk, eggs, vanilla (I used clear vanilla extract), and flour. When it was all mixed, I poured it over the crust and baked for an hour.
Ready for the oven

I did leave off the cinnamon, as suggested in the article. It's been fun trying out the smearcase with various toppings. Yesterday I tried it with strawberries and caramel (separately, not on the same piece) and today I tried with wildflower honey on top. It is not strongly flavored, so it is a great dessert for various toppings. I want to try with chocolate and fruit jam, also.

Now the true taste-test: would the girls like it? Sophie tried some of mine yesterday and smacked her lips and said "yummm" and of course wanted more. Emma had some today with strawberry topping, and said it was "amazing."

I will definitely be making this again!

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