Monday, October 29, 2012

Boo at the Zoo!

Dancing in the party tent
 Saturday we went to the zoo for Boo at the Zoo. It was our first time going, and it was lots of fun. Sophie was a little apprehensive of all the costumed people at first, but then we found the trick or treat trail. One stop, and she was excited and ready to go! She'd run to each booth, hold out her bag, then say "Thank YOU" to the person handing out goodies. Luckily we got more than just candy - there were little toys, too. Out of all her candy, she had one piece she could eat. Thank goodness we took some "safe" lollipops for her.

We saw a few animals, but since it was a night event many were in their indoor homes for the evening. We saw zebras, a penguin, a camel, and the biggest turkey I'd ever seen!  At the end of the trick or treat trail was a party tent and "haunted' carousel (it went backwards). Such a fun event!
Such excitement!

We took a picture of both girls on this tortoise over the summer. Sophie saw it, and called to her sister to come back and "Sit with me! Picture!"

More dancing

I made hair clips to match her costume!

"Tome on, Daddy! Candy!"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fifteen years

"Have you heard from Chris? He and Jeff are missing."

That's how my mother woke me up fifteen years ago today. Imagine waking up on your wedding day to news that the groom and best man can't be found? Oddly enough, I wasn't as panicked as you'd think I would be. I guess deep down I knew he wouldn't have abandoned me. And I was right - they had just escaped and stayed in a nearby motel for the night and were back in time for breakfast.

That evening, we were married.

It doesn't feel like fifteen years. It feels like forever in that it's hard to remember him not being part of my life, but at the same time it feels like no time has passed at all. It's still surreal at times to think that we've been together so long, that our baby girl is a teenager and now a big sister, too. The time has passed so quickly.

I've learned that marriage is not a fairy tale, but it's not meant to be, either. We have had rough patches, but I think they make us better. How strong would our marriage "muscle" be if things were always easy and we didn't have to work ever? Through it all, though, one thing has remained true: We each married the person who is perfect for us.

For better or worse, in sickness and in health, we are together. We are content. We are happy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Death by Neti?

So I tried to use a Neti pot tonight. I've had a bad cold all week, and the usual medications aren't helping at all. Three people recommended a Neti to me today, so I broke down & bought one at Walgreens.

I think it tried to drown me.

I had my husband come in the kitchen with me for moral support/encouragement. We read the directions, and he helped me mix the solution. I checked the instructions again, and started. I tilted my head like it said, and...

Nothing happened. I stood there for a minute or two, thinking I was more stopped up than I realized. Waiting... Waiting... Then, I thought maybe I wasn't tilted exactly right. It didn't seem like it. So, I moved my head a little.

That's when my Neti pot tried to kill me.

I had already been warned to breathe through my mouth. I was definitely doing that (in fact, that's the only way I COULD breathe, hence the need for the Neti in the first place). I still had a rush of saline in my nose, down my throat, and in my mouth. I choked and coughed, and it went in my EAR. From the inside! That was uncomfortable.

Oddly enough, once I blew my nose a few times, I could breathe a bit better. So I tried the other side.

Once again, it tried to drown me. More water down my throat. More in my mouth. I found that if I just held my breath, it was better, but I already had some water draining and it was making me cough. The more I fought it, the worse it was.

Clearly, I do not have the necessary coordination to cleanse my sinuses.

Christine 0, Neti pot 1

There may be a rematch. I'll keep you posted.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm coming back

It feels like I haven't blogged in so long! And I suppose I haven't. But September was a month of ups & downs, and some things I don't blog about. It doesn't seem like it, I'm sure, but I do have some boundaries. :)

But I will be back to regular blogging soon. I have a couple posts in drafts that I'm working on. Just be patient with me please.

In the meantime, some photos.

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