Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun day

 I took the day off today, since everyone who can babysit Sophie is vacationing. We're having a great day - she slept until almost noon, had a delicious "brunch" when she woke up of pineapple, yogurt, and cheerios, and then played a while. She even watched Sesame Street! She loved the singing and dancing.

After a while, I decided to take her outside to swing. I recorded a few minutes of her swinging to send Grandma, and was lucky enough to catch her "serious" face and finger-point. It's such a great face but we can never get it in a photo! (It's around 3 minutes in)

She started to get sleepy in the swing, and seemed like she was falling asleep.
So we went inside for lunch. She had some spaghetti-os with mini meatballs. Unfortunatley, she thought it would be fun to drink them, like her big sister taught her to do.

I cleaned her up the best I could, and changed her clothes. Now it's naptime and time for me to clean up the aftermath of her playtime in the living room. Tomorrow is back to work, and my day as a stay-at-home-mom will be over.

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  1. It's days like those I love and it gives me the false sense of wanting to be a SAHM. BUT I know myself... I'd get a week in and be climbing the walls. It makes me appreciate the random days I take off to stay home to have fun!