Sunday, July 17, 2011

A brief lesson in customer service

My mother's cell phone is on our family plan. Her phone broke last week, so she gave it to me to take to the AT&T store to be repaired/replaced/whatever. Since I had the foot incident, I gave it to my husband to take care of. He ended up upgrading her phone and brought home her new one. This was on Friday.

Yesterday, I got a text message wanting to ask me two questions for a survey about the "experience." I had Emma give the phone to my husband, since he was the one who was actually there. He answered the question, then about an hour later I got the second text and answered it.

Then another one, another hour later. Ok, by then I was getting annoyed. We were out doing things as a family, and I was hurting and out of patience. So I responded.

That's right - four questions, the final one coming today. Normally, I don't mind things like this. But this weekend, I just didn't have the patience. And they kept dragging it out! Two days for four questions?

If you say two questions, leave it at two questions.

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  1. Haha! Love the screenshots! Those unwanted texts can be soo annoying!