Thursday, September 19, 2013

Millie love

Last weekend, we added a new pet to the family. Sophie is now the owner of Millie, a red female betta fish.

Millie lives in Sophie's room, high enough to be out of reach. Soph LOVES to feed Millie, and Millie is happy to show off. Twice a day, I take the lid off the bowl and Millie swims to the top. Sophie drops the food pellets in one by one, and laughs delightfully as Millie ears them. She presses her nose against the side and watches the fish swim around. "She's so cool!" "She's awesome!" "Millie is so much fun!" I love seeing the joy she is getting from the experience of having a pet of her very own.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The year I was turning 30, I found a tiny line under my eye. I waged war, calling my Mary Kay representative and ordering the anti-aging cleanser and moisturizer and eye cream. I used them religiously - for a week or so. I didn't like the way the eye cream felt on my face.

Today, I turn 35. A lot has changed. I don't care so much about that tiny line. To be honest, I don't even look for it any more. I haven't "given up" but some things don't matter any more. My skin is still oily. I have weird hairs that come out of strange places (my throat? WTF, biology?). I wear less makeup. I still pluck out random white hairs but I no longer look for them. Not frequently, anyway. I've learned to let go. Not let myself go, but let go of the little things that don't matter. Will my family think less of me if I have tiny lines around my eyes? Will my friends stop being my friends if I have shiny skin?


At thirty, I had lots of anxiety about my age. At 35, I have peace.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My problem with Miley (and it isn't what you think)

Whether it was a symptom of a Britney-style meltdown, or a brilliant marketing strategy, Miley Cyrus has everyone talking about  her again. And yes, her VMA performance was outlandish, gross (that tongue! Ew!) and hard to watch. But one thing I've noticed with that performance and her latest two videos is lacking: originality. Everything she does lately is a copy of someone else.

First, there's the video for the song from the VMAs, We Can't Stop. The outfit, hair cut and color, the bright red lips - they scream "Gwen Stefani." Even the giant dancing bears have been done before, too many times to link here.

Then, there's the live performance itself. Her outfit, or lack of one, was heavily criticized. Instead of being her own idea, though, it was a direct reflection on the Blurred Lines video. (Note: This links to the second-released video, where the models have actual clothing on. In the original video I didn't link here, the women are all wearing only nude colored thongs and heels.) Even the infamous foam finger is from his video. Sure, she added her own raunchy twist with her dancing, but nothing she did was new.

Then, yesterday I saw her new video for Wrecking Ball. This could actually have been a good song. Almost. But I couldn't get past the "I've seen this before" feeling. Remember Alanis Morissette? Her Head Over Feet video from 18 years ago (eighteen???!!!) was eerily similar - close up on the face, the tears. Alanis has also already done the naked in a video thing - in Thank You.

Miley, I know you are desperate to stay relevant. I understand you are trying out different personalities to find yourself. But please, find your own style. Get your own artistic ideas. Stop copying artists who are still around and making (good) music.

Pretty please?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lemony quinoa & squash

I love quinoa. Seriously, I could eat it every single day and be happy.

Yesterday I made this dish for workday lunches. It. Is. Delicious.

First, I started one cup of rinsed quinoa cooking in two cups chicken broth. While it cooked, I chopped a zucchini and a biggish yellow squash into bite-sized pieces. I sautéed them in some Wildtree Zesty Lemon grapeseed oil, and a little garlic powder, black pepper, and parsley.

When everything was finished, I stirred the quinoa into the squash. That's it, easy peasy!

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Friday, September 6, 2013


In my car
Crawling across my hand
As I was driving!!!
Hit the spider
Killed it instantly
Hurt myself
I did just slap my own hand
Miraculously, no car crash
Creepy-crawly feeling
Itchy all over
Imagination overdrive
I can't believe this happened again!

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