Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scattered showers... of thoughts

I just don't have a full post in me today, but I still have things to be said. It was so nice being off yesterday with Sophie! I told myself time wouldn't go so fast with her like it has with Emma (I still can't believe she's a teenager) but it has. I feel like I'm missing so much! This morning, though, as we were leaving, she had her first "I do it!" moment. She didn't actually say those words, but as we were going down the steps to the driveway she was holding the rail in one hand and Bunny in the other. I offered her my hand to come down the steps as usual, and she held up her hand and waved me off, said "uh-uh!" and patted the railing. She may not say many words yet, but she sure can communicate!

After trying herself and realizing that she couldn't reach the railing any more once she stepped down a step, she took my hand and happily went to the car. I just had to let her try!

Although at the car, she turned and saw her swing and tried so hard to go back to it. If only we could, kiddo...


Emma comes home tomorrow! She's having a great time on her trip, but she's ready to be home again. School starts again two weeks from Monday, so it's time go get supplies ready and dress-code appropriate clothing. It's still so hot here in August, I wish the stores had a resupply of summer clothes intead of cramming all the long pants, sweaters, and cords in our faces for the back to school season! It is so hard to get piles of new clothes that can't be worn for a few more monhts without having a heat stroke.


I read a blog post at today that was fabulous! I love Lady Gaga - I love her fearlessness, her music, and most of all what she stands for. However, many people have the opposite feeling. When I saw the title of this post I thought I was going to get all angry and maybe get a rebuttal blog post of my own out of it, but instead it was amazing! Great post, The Woven Moments!


I read an article on the UK's Daily Mail website about Atlantis landing and the hold on the shuttle program. I know what is being said in our own country, and was interested in knowing an outsider's perspecitve. It was a great article, very informative and descriptive, and I learned many things about this mission that gets lost in all the politicizing here. One interesting thing I read, though, that I've never heard here - the decision to end the shuttle program was actually made seven years ago. And also that President Obama has extended the mission of the International Space Station four additional years beyond its original planned end. I am just so tired of our country flinging blame instead of being productive.


Back to the toddler communication thing. I know this is perfectly normal - Sophie's pediatrician said that second babies are normally behind older siblings verbally, but more advanced in motor skills and coordination. That seems to be true in our family, as Emma at 18 months had a vast vocabulary but fell down and hurt hurself daily, where Sophie mainly says names, "uh-oh," and few other actual words, and doesn't hurt herself nearly as often. I still wonder, though, if she's suffering because I didn't spend her first 16 months at home with her like I did with Emma. I don't read to her quite as much (although she watches way less TV). I worry that I'm not doing enough. But that's the emotional-mom side. Logical-mom side says she's fine, but I can't help myself. Her doctor is not worried at all, which is a good sign.


  1. I love this format. It's so real. One of these days I'm going to just jot down all the things that pop in my head for 15 minutes and see what comes out. If it's terrifying, I can keep it to myself. ;-)

  2. You should! And if something goes longer, you can always turn it into its own post. The delete button is a wonderful thing, too :)