Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm a lame duck :-(

Yesterday, it started raining right before I got to the babysitter's house. Not a hard rain, but wet (duh, it's rain. Of course it was wet!). Sophie HATES umbrellas. As in piercing screaming and clinging so tight I can't breathe when I try to use one with her. So I decided to go fast in the house and back out with her. One problem: wooden wet steps and slip-on heels. (So that was 2 problems. Whatever.)

Anyway, as I was going up the steps, my feet suddenly slid under the step on top, I fell forward and my hands slammed down on the steps (couldn't grab anything to hold on, though) and then I fell backwards off the steps onto the sidewalk. In light-colored pants. Luckily the father of two other girls there was also arriving to pick up his girls, and he helped me up from the ground and made sure I was ok. My first thoughts? 1. Oh crap, did I just break my iPhone?? (it was in my hands when I fell) 2. Did my pants just get ruined? I love these pants! 3. Wow - that hurt. Am I really ok?? (Yes, in that order.)

I thought I was just bruised from my feet going under the steps. My ankles hit the edge of the higher step and were scraped and bruised. I was able to walk a little, though, and went in to get Miss Sophie. I carried her back out to the car, and as I was buckling her in I noticed the pain in my left foot was not the ankle, but further down. I looked, and the tendon on the side of my foot was swelling. So I called my husband and asked if he could pick up the milk I was going to stop for, and called Emma so she'd be ready to come get Sophie out of the car and help me in. I iced it all night (apart from the times Sophie thought it'd be fun to grab the towel and ice and run!) until I went to bed, but really had no improvement.

Today, we left Sophie at home with her big sister since I couldn't safely take her down our steps, up sitter's steps, or catch her if she ran off.Or walked off. I went to work, and thought I was going to be ok. I work in a BIG hospital, though. Not a tall one - a wide one. It's very old, and additions have been added over the years and it's a bit sprawling. I made it to the ER to my closetoffice and settled in. I started out to visit the case managers and see how the day was looking since I had a rare lunch date scheduled with my BFF Maggie and I'd actually be out of the building for lunch.

It didn't go so well.

I hobbled over to the Fast Track side of the hospital to see how busy it was over there, and I signed in. I registered easily, called over for triage, and put in a wheelchair and rolled back to xray. I had 3 taken, then wheeled to a room. I waited a little bit, and a PA came in and checked me out. Not broken, thank goodness, but it's sprained pretty well. I had no idea you could sprain the middle of your foot that way! But I did. It's wrapped up and I have to keep it elevated and iced. The PA told me to go home, I argued, said I'd be fine. My boss texted me and said to go home. Then I tried walking in the hall to tell one of the nurses something (I was working while I was waiting) and it HURT. I couldn't make it. So I gave up.

I was discharged minutes before the time my friend was picking me up, so I went back to my closet-office and gathered my things. We ate a great lunch at Nixon's Deli and she dropped me off at my car. I've been home with my feet up and ice on my foot ever since.

Miss Sophie is very entertained, though. She had great fun banging her sippy cup on my ice pack, loving the noise it made. I didn't love it so much. I also got some rare baby hugs and kisses. She's happily playing NOT on my legs now, though. It sure does hurt, though! Hopefully the pain will pass soon. It gets frustrating not being able to do what I want to do!

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  1. Ouch. Hope it's better soon. I admit to laughing about the phone and pants comment. Nice to know you kept your humor through the pain!

    And great pic and title, too. Feel better!