Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's chat

Pretend we're sitting down for coffee. What are you drinking? I'll be having something chocolately sweet and delicious. But no whipped cream. Not a fan. It will take a while for it to cool off until I can drink it, so let's get to know each other.

What is the weather where you live? I know for most of the US right now, the answer is "hot." Unbearably hot. But the west coast is looking great. If you're in the southern hemisphere, it's winter. Are you having a very cold winter? Mild? Tell me about it!

How is your day? Hopefully you're having a good day. After two busy days at work, I had a quieter day. That happens occasionally, though. Do you work? Volunteer? Spend the day being Supermom? or Superdad? What is your favorite part of your job?

Let's get a snack. This is my imaginary coffee shop, so of course it carries whatever I want. Right now, I'll take a plate of fresh fruit, sharp cheddar cheese, and wheat crackers. That is my favorite snack. But I'll share if you'd like. Do you have a favorite snack? Tell me! I'm sure it's waiting to be served :)

Oh, the tv in the corner is on a news station. Let's turn it off, quick. I'm feeling information overload right now - too much going on. Norway attacks, celebrity deaths, economy drama, tragedy, horror... let's forget all that for a while. What is something good that has happened in your life lately?

Ooh, coffee is the perfect temperature now. Warm but not so hot it burns the mouth and tongue. Drink up!


  1. Well, today I wrote about deepening my gratitude practice... and yeah, things in my personal life are so noooottttt gloom and doom. I pray toward those things and continue to open my heart and mind to abundance.

    My peppermint iced tea is perfect. Thank you for offering it!

  2. After broiling in the 100 degree plus heat last weekend, I am so happy the temperature is back in the 80's. And we even got rain Monday and Tuesday! Who could ask for anything more? Except more of the Klondike bar (mint chocolate chip) I am eating right now. I like iced coffee, too.

  3. I would be having an iced coffee with whole milk and one packet of sugar. I would totally be snacking on some smearcase or key lime pie. Mmmmmmm.....

    What's been going good these days? Connor has started giving hugs and kisses without being asked. He just drops what he is doing, runs over and hugs your leg and puts his face up for kisses. Super sweet.

  4. Julie, a peppermint iced tea sounds so refreshing! Do you flavor regular tea, or is it a flavored bag? I need to try that!

    I'd LOVE temps back in the 80s, Bookworm. It is so hot here it's hard to do anything outside. The yard needs mowing, Sophie has a new slide to play with, but it's still in the high 90s. Your Klondike bar sounds amazing - I love ice cream and mint, had no idea they made tha tflavor Klondike!

    Ok Amanda, waht in the world is smearcase? Is that a northern thing? ;) Seriously, I don't have a clue. LOVE the spontaneous hugs and kisses! Soph is doing that now, too, and after such a long time of NO kisses, it's heavenly <3

  5. Smearcase is a Baltimore favorite. It is also known as a German type cheesecake. These days its hard to find because it is an older dessert. BUT the local grocery store in my neighborhood sells it freshly made. YUM.....

    If you're ever in the area you should try it. Actually... you should contact me and then we'll enjoy it together!

  6. Here's a link for help...

  7. That sounds absolutely delicious. I think I have to try making that!
    Thanks! =)