Monday, July 18, 2011

For the love of the Bunny!

 Sophie has a pink stuffed bunny that she got for Christmas from her Grandma.

She has been so attached to Bunny since then! She carries it everywhere - so much that she has to have a "bath" every weekend when I do Sophie's laundry because she gets stinky.

Bunny is a playmate for her - she will talk to her (Bunny is pink so obviously she's a She), make her bounce and walk, and give her hugs and kisses.

She also sleeps with her every single night.

And takes her to the babysitter's  house every day (but Bunny waits in Sophie's car seat while I'm at work so she stays safe and makes it home every night).
She even tries to eat dinner with Bunny on her high chair, but that isn't a very good idea so she waits for Sophie to finish.

When she's getting sleepy in the evenings, she'll get a little fussy and start her "snuffling" - she holds something soft to her nose and sucks her thumb and breathes in and out through her nose really  hard. We'll tell her "Go find Bunny" and she'll look for her until she finds her, then bring her to us for bedtime cuddles. Bunny's ears are her preferred soft thing for snuffling to sleep.

She also does NOT share her. Sophie loves her bunny.


  1. So sweet. My girls have a Baby Phil, Beary & Baby. I have been on way too many Lovey-hunts in my lifetime, but my kids can sleep anywhere as long as they have them (which has helped, since we are in our fifth locaiton in ten years!).

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is just too precious. Good memories for you.

  3. I retrieved my original teddy bear on a visit home to England not too many years ago(my Mum hadn't thrown it out - thanks Mum, love you), and he is safely back in my bed again complete with outfit knitted by my grandmother. These things are important :)