Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Day 21: Something that stresses you out

This won't be a shocker to anyone, because I know we all feel it - money. There just never seems to be enough, is there? And it's not even for things like vacations, new car, new clothes, but basics. But that's life, especially "in this economy." (I hear that expression all the time and it drives me crazy.) It's like we're all part of this juggling act of incoming and outgoing and trying to keep all the balls up in the air.

But, someone always has it worse. In the paper this weekend was an obituary for twin baby girls. One died at one day old, the other at two days old. I cannot imagine that family's heartbreak. I am sure they'd much rather have money stress and be homeless with a complete family than bury their two baby daughters. Other people have so many bigger issues. My car might not sound the greatest, but I can use it to get to work. We have food to eat. We have a house to live in. We have clothes to wear. With those simple things, we are richer than a majority of the population of the planet. I just have to remember the bigger picture.


  1. What a sad story, amazing how hearing such devastating news puts our own stresses into perspective. I'll keep the family in my prayers.

    One thing I've learned about time and money, there's never enough NOT to stress. ;-(

    LOVE the graphic by the way.

  2. Oh very sad - my heart felt like it was being torn apart when I read of the loss of the family.
    Your post is so throught provoking- the second one I've read today on the importance of being thankful for the simple things- and learning to keep things simple. There is so much in life to be appreciative of!! Thank you for this reminder.