Friday, September 2, 2011

Challenge day 2

Day 2: Tell us about your blog

My blog introduction (at the top of the page) tells a lot about my blog. I write about random things, whatever strikes my fancy. Whimsical, serious, fun, newsworthy - whatever makes the Muse jump out and say something. My blog is my outlet, a place where I can express myself freely without interruption or censorship. Do I worry sometimes that I'll offend someone close to me? Sometimes. But then I make myself get over it.

I do write about my girls, but I try very hard not to let this be a "Mommyblog." Honestly, that term makes my skin crawl. I love my daughters with everything I have, but "mommy" doesn't make up all of ME. So many women lose themselves when they have children, so much that their entire lives are centered around the kids. I don't want that to happen. Because if we do our jobs well as parents, the kids will move out and have their own families, and what then? What's left? Besides, children are only THAT interesting to their own parents and grandparents ;)

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