Friday, September 16, 2011

Challenge day 16 - halfway there!

Day 16: Five blogs I visit daily

Ok, I honestly don't visit five blogs every single day. But I do visit more than five several times a week! I just can't do every. single. day. Who can? I am "following" many, though, and I visit every time there's a new post.

So, five eight of my favorites in no particular order. (I couldn't narrow it down any more!)

A Bumbling Idiot  "A homeschooling mother of five." Love her stories! Her youngest is also a January 2010 baby, like Sophie.
View from Down Here Written by Nain, a lawyer who doesn't write "lawyer-y" - reading her blog is like having a conversation with her. She and her husband T have some big news, too.
Passion. Dedication. Life. Us. Another mother of a January toddler (can't call them babies any more!) who writes engaging stories about her family, running, doing fun things, and reenacts events with Discovery Village and takes pictures :) (I love those posts!)
Depression Cookies Tia and her mother coauthored the fabulous book by the same name as the blog. (Buy the book here. Trust me, you want to read this book. It's amazing.) They're working on the sequel now and I can't wait! The blog is about more than the books, but it has the same overall theme as the book: mothers and daughters.
bhulbhulaiyan I had to copy and paste this blog title, because I don't trust myself to ever get it right! Anjuli is a very talented writer, though, and you MUST see the pictures of her daughter's recent wedding. A charmingly beautiful outdoor wedding! And the most recent post "One size fits all" is simply touching.
Love, Life, and a Baby This blogger is the force behind Fit Mama Club.  She is a family therapist (I think I have that right?) in NYC and also has a toddler Sophie's age (we really need to have a blogging play-date sometime with all these blog babies!). Her most recent post is a must-read for everyone.
She Started It "It" being her book. Anjali also blogs about her family, and this summer blogged and photographed a beautiful trip to India.
Teaching What is Good Kate is also a homeschooling mother, but her site is more than that. She has a frugal shopping ebook, recipes, and thoughtful insights about many things. We are also working on a first for both of us- a joint blog post exploring a subject we have different views about. Who knows where it will lead? (And no, you have to wait to see what it's about!)

Ok, so there's my list. Visit each one - I know you won't regret it!


  1. How surprised I was to see my name amongst the list of blogs- thank you! I love reading about the various blogs you visit and what you find intriguing about them- my only regret now is that I know I'm going to end up adding them to my ever expanding blog list - ha ha!! (I'm a blogaholic afterall!!) Like you I can't afford to visit them daily- but I do try to go every few days and catch up on latest posts and I thank God for blog updater letting me know when someone has posted a new post.

    Love your blog and have been enjoying this challenge you are doing!!

  2. You made my day! Your blog is one I visit frequently, and it warms my heart to know you do the same.

    I, too, am enjoying this challenge you've been doing.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!