Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I heart books

Day 28: Favorite books

I love reading. Seriously. I love so many books, too, and some I can't even remember the names or authors! So, I'm going to just list in no particular order.

James Patterson's Alex Cross and Women's Murder Club series
The Moonstone
Janet Evanovitch's Stephanie Plum series
Harry Potter series
Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta series
Mexico and Hawaii by James Mischner
The Hope and The Glory by Herman Wouk
Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

I know there are more, I just can't think of them all right now. Books are my drug. I read compulsively, and rarely leave a book unfinished. I just really enjoy reading! I may come back and add more later, or possibly have a Round 2 post of more books.

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  1. And see- I LOVE books too!! I knew I liked you :)...hee hee!! Oh, if I were asked to list all the books I love- well there would be no space on the blog for it- so I can totally understand why you would need a round 2 post :)