Thursday, September 15, 2011

Smoothie love

Peach-mango-banana smoothie

Since beginning Fit Mama Club, a few people have mentioned smoothies to me as easy, healthy, on-the-go breakfasts. I remembered that I would make them when I was pregnant with Sophie. So I dug out my recipe booklet.

The first one I made mostly followed the recipe: a banana, frozen peaches, honey, vanilla yogurt, & orange juice. Then I started experimenting. I added in a handful of fresh sliced strawberries one day. Today I used the banana, peaches, & mango with the yogurt & juice. I also have an idea I want to try soon. I will brew a cup of jAVERDE Triple C coffee (a chocolate covered cherry flavor), and blend with frozen dark cherries, chocolate syrup, and yogurt. Or ice cream. Or use yogurt then freeze, so it's like I'll be eating ice cream for breakfast, but healthy. Hm, I like that idea!

I'm trying to make them healthy - I know that smoothies can really rack up the calories! I use fat-free vanilla yogurt (I bought a large container of Yoplait and spoon it out). The fruit is all unsweetened - because why does fruit need added sugar? I've never understood that. I'm sure I could leave out the honey, but I love honey so much. And just a spoonful isn't too bad. Right?

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  1. am always looking for new smoothie recipes. They are great for a quick meal on the go- and very healthy!

  2. My favorite smoothie is simple: just skim milk and fresh strawberries. If the strawberries started to freeze in my fridge so much the better. I don't even strain it.
    Have you tried adding a little vanilla to your recipe?