Monday, September 26, 2011

Operation Birthday Surprise!

This weekend was my husband's 40th birthday, and we had a surprise cooked up for him. On Friday, his mom and sister came down from Chicago to spend his birthday with us! The last time they were here, Sophie was two weeks old. She quickly warmed up to her grandma and aunt, though, and of course Emma was thrilled to have them here. My husband was very surprised and happy to see them. We spent time together on Friday, and all day Saturday, ending in a surprise birthday party for him at Carrabba's restaurant.

(Just a side note- out of all the restaurants I called about the party, Carrabba's was the easiest to work with and most flexible. Even though it was a busy Saturday night we had no problems reserving space for the party, and were even able to bring in our own birthday cake, which they kept in the kitchen until it was time. It was my first experience with the restaurant ever, and I highly recommend it to anyone planning an event like this.)

On Sunday, we had breakfast together at our house, then they left on the return trip home. We were so worn out we didn't make it to church, just rested at home. Emma ended up going to my parents house for the afternoon to spend some time with my cousin who was visiting from Colorado, and leaving before next weekend.


  1. how wonderful that you planned such a great surprise party!! The pictures were great- such fun!

  2. Looks lovely. Wonderful pictures, and the cake looks like my kind of cake. ;-) Thanks for sharing with us. Happy birthday to your hubby.