Saturday, September 3, 2011

Challenge day 3

Day 3: Tell us about your job.

I try hard not to blog about my job. To start with, I really like my job. I'm a liaison for an ambulance company (the second-largest ambulance service in the country) at a local hospital. I've been here for over three years, and also was the first liaison. I jokingly say that I was "the experiment" but it's kind of true. There are others now, but the duties and job description were developed through trial and error after an initial idea. I am very lucky to work for the company that I work for, and the people that I work for. I never thought I would end up in anything related to health care, but I can honestly say this is the best job situation I've ever been in.

Another reason I don't blog about my job is that any interesting story would totally break HIPAA and I'd be fired. Not worth it.

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