Monday, September 19, 2011


First, to explain yesterday's title for anyone who didn't get it.
In the late 90s, a band called Everything But the Girl had one big hit in the US - "Missing." I used to LOVE that song! Oh who am I kidding, I still really like it.

Day 19: Share your nicknames

Mama! (Sophie pretty much always says it as if it has an exclamation point at the end)
Mom, mommy, mother
Jen (but only if you're MY mother... otherwise don't)

That's about it... Christine is a hard name to nickname, except to Chris, and I've never liked being called Chris and now it's my husband's name. Well, my great-uncle (grandmother's brother) always called me Chris, my whole life. No one else was allowed, though. I'm not big on nicknames for myself, anyway. A few special people throughout my life have had little nicknames (like my grandmother used to call me Teenie), but that's it. And I prefer it that way!


  1. I'm with you on nicknames. Tia is hard to shorten, although my mom does call me T. I loved Jackie & Maddie for my girls, but gave them the formal Jacqueline & Madeleine. My second daughter, I just wanted to be Reagan, no nickname. But my oldest was 21 months old when Reagan was born and couldn't say it. She called her Ray and it stuck. But Reagan only likes her family calling her that, not people at school, so I try and be careful to only say it at home.

  2. nicknames are funny things- some stick for life & usually they have an origin- My dad's nickname is "Bunny" and it came from when the nurse in the hospital held him as a new born and said, "Look at the bunny with the nose so funny"- as you can imagine he does NOT appreciate the nickname now that he is an 80 year old man- ha ha- but unfortunately cousins etc still do refer to him as "Bunny" or "Bun" ha ha!!