Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 7 - Vacation time

Day 7: Tell us about your favorite vacation

Well, there was the time in college a huge group of us went to Jamaica... that is way up there on the vacation meter! Montego Bay, swimming in the Caribbean, visiting several spots around the island, a week of mission work... but also the same drama from school.

Epcot on New Year's Eve? That was lots of fun also.

My favorite vacations, though, were trips to Panama City when I was growing up. We moved from there when I was 5, but always visited several times a year. It was like a second home to me. I loved my grandmother's house, across the street from a park, two blocks from the ocean, lovely older neighborhood with quiet streets and a lake (the duck pond, we called it) within walking distance. The smell of the air, the feel of the grass, the oyster shells in the street... Of course I liked to go out to Panama City Beach and do the "fun" things, but my heart belonged to PC itself. I always dreamed of living there as an adult.

The last time I was there, Emma was 3, nearly 4. We went down in January that year, and stayed with my grandmother. That's also where Emma had her picture in the newspaper, and had stitches that trip.

So much has changed - my grandmother's house has new owners, who have changed it. Old family friends have passed away. But I still hold on to the trips in my heart, and wish so much my girls could have had the same experiences.

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  1. Going back to place where you had vacation as a child and if that is home of grandparents - oh my god. You got to love that place.