Thursday, September 22, 2011


Holly Hobbie
 Day 22: What are your hobbies?

I like to make things. I even sell some of the things I make :)
I also enjoy making things for our own use - like Sophie's first birthday party decorations. I just wish I had more time and space to create more! I have a whole supply of things to be creative with, but not enough hours without a curious toddler. But, she won't always be a curious toddler. I'll have time again.
Sophie's birthday cake
Birthday banner


Hair clips
 I've also made several things for both girls' bedrooms. I don't have any pictures of it, but I made Emma's name out of wooden letters, and I've painted four small square canvases with a letter on each to spell her name. I had fun decorating Sophie's nursery, too.
I made this for Sophie's room with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a fabric iron-on.

A poem by a family friend, with the same paper and ribbon

I found these wooden blocks on sale and painted them to match her room.


  1. Precious! You had me at Holly Hobie! Of course, Sophie's sweet face is always a clencher.

  2. Sweet items! You have a lucky daughter. I admire people who can craft. I crochet but, nowadays, I only work on super simple things - I call it "chewing gum for my mind". Years and years ago I did crewel work. Maybe one day....

  3. wow that is so great that you are creative like that- I'm horrible when it comes to creating things like this-- so I am sooo in awe of you!!!