Sunday, September 4, 2011

Challenge day 4

Day 4: Tell us about your family.

Don't I do enough of that as it is? :)
Ok, there's my husband and myself. October will be our 14th anniversary. We have two daughters, two dogs, and a cat. My parents live about an hour away from  us, and my husband's mother and sister live in another state. I'm an only child and my husband has the one sister. Our immediate family is quite small.

However, my father is one of ten siblings, and there are very few (like maybe 3 total) of us onlies on that side. I am one of something like 26 grandkids, and Grandma had 30-something great grandchildren. My cousins live all across the country, and we don't get together often. This past March, though, was my parents' 40th wedding anniversary and many family members came for the celebration. It was so much fun.
Our family! Some of them, anyway.  

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  1. Wow, what a family! My dad is the youngest of six, and we have reunions annually. Such fun!

    Hope you are enjoying your family and the holiday weekend.