Saturday, April 6, 2013

Facebook - What's annoying about it, part 2

Two years ago I wrote this post about ten things on Facebook that annoyed me. It's still one of my most popular posts ever, and is the reason for the "featured on BlogHer" over on the right. Things change, though, and now there are different reasons Facebook annoys me.

1. Begging for help with games. Any game. They are just stupid games, nothing important. I have most game apps blocked on Facebook anyway, but all the posts asking for extra help from others get on my nerves.

2. Allllllll the animal posts. Lost dog locally? I'll share that, no problem. A photo of a terribly abused animal just because? No. "Share if you're against cruelty to animals?" No. Of course I am, and everyone on my friends list should know that without  being subjected to the photos. Please rescue these animals from shelters in other states? No, sorry. If someone has the urge to rescue pets from shelters, there are several locally with animals just as cute, just as loving, just as endangered. I'll put you in touch with them, gladly.

3. Political ranting. "Your endless Facebook ranting and reposting of inflammatory memes totally changed my political views" said no one, ever. And while we're on this subject- do some fact-checking before reposting, please.

4. Endless direct sales. How many online "parties" can one person have at a time? Seriously!

5. "Just ate lunch" "Bathroom break" "Ugh I hate my job" "OMG I hate Mondaysssss" - and that's the adults.

I try to ignore all these, though, because more than anything else, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with long-distance family and friends. For that, I'll put up with almost anything.


  1. In complete agreement with you. Posted a nonsense post earlier today as a joke with husband to see what kind of response I was pathetic. I really hate people posting something political that's incorrect and saying when confronted they posted it just in case....rumor spreading on line is as bad as rumor spreading in person. You're the 2nd post I've read today about facebook, and 3 if you count mine...though we all did it differently.

  2. Agree with you rant against "just off for a coffee" or the like - who gives a damn? Politics - well, some people find them ineresting. What I dislike are the "Share if you care and don't if you don't care" posts. To me they smack of threat, as the old chain letters did, and if they come from a friend I tell them so.

  3. I used to be totally anti-FB for a variety of reasons, but lately I'm using it to chat with my mates far away and I'm enjoying it more. Yes, there's lots of elements of share if you care....a form of emotional blackmail quite often unless you really believe in the cause itself.

  4. Sometimes the politics get to me and I have to hide people for awhile. I almost have the games beat and just hit ban this forever if one gets through. The share if you care, I zoom right by. I do find it annoying when people post endless affirming poster type things. I had to hide a cousin for a while because they were taking over my stream.

    I like fb for letting me keep up with people I know and for letting me get to know interesting people better.

  5. Games drive me crazy, and I almost quit FB during the last election. Politics and FB just don't mix! My biggest pet peeves are the pathetic cries for attention... "Longest day ever..." or "Couldn't have been a worse day...". If someone needs my support, I'm happy to give it, but I don't like the vague attention-getters, especially if they happen all the time.

    Great post!