Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Indecent exposure

I heard about this story on the radio this morning:

     Former vice mayor 'exposed himself to women motorists through his car window -
 while driving at 90mph'
A former vice mayor exposed himself and masturbated in the direction of at least three different women while driving his car at 90mph, it emerged today.
The women testified against former Mount Carmel Vice-Mayor William Blakely in Tennessee court last week and all described in graphic detail how he would get their attention while they were driving and then hang his penis out the car window.
Victim Kelly Street testified: 'After the waving, it turned into a lot of beeping, him grabbing his chest area, and asking me going "please, please" [clasping hands together] with his hands, may I… show me yours.'
Another woman Deborah Sturgill said: 'He was taking his hand, wetting his mouth, and masturbating. I was scared that I was gonna wreck, he was gonna cause me to wreck.
'At over 90 miles per hour, he had his penis out [the window]. He was masturbating… and that’s when it got really, really bad.
'I wouldn’t look over any more, and I wrote his tag number down on my hand, which I believe he noticed, and he exited very quickly.'
Police believe that Blakely has been pulling the disturbing stunt for years as they have received dozens of complaints from different women about a man doing lewd acts on the road.
Kingsport Police Detective Terry Christian told News Channel 11: 'It’s important to make that report because if you don’t, they’re gonna feel that they can continue that offense and continue victimizing more females.
'And that might be your best friend, your daughter, your mother, your aunt, your niece. And you need to make that report because that’s what’s going to eventually stop that type of behavior.'.
Blakely was elected Mount Carmel alderman in 2008, and was later appointed vice mayor in 2010 before resigning in June of 2011.
He is facing charges of indecent and reckless endangerment, and criminal attempt to commit aggravated assault as well as reckless driving.
Detective Christian told News Channel 11 several more cases involving Blakely are getting ready to be presented to a grand jury.

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Um.... Wow.
First of all, how on Earth is that physically possible? How could he contort himself to keep driving while doing that out the window? And going 90 mph at the same time - how is he not dead??
I know there are many different sexual practices, including those bordering on dangerous. But this?
This just tops them all.

And isn't it just *lovely* that our state is being represented internationally by this story? Sigh.
It makes me want to write to the Daily Mail: We're not all like this!


  1. Actually they are some insane human beings like this in our earth. People just don't know how to create problems and insult others.

  2. I had to wonder how he did it too. There are some nuts out there. I always hate it when our town make the news for horrible things.

  3. maybe he'll get it caught in the automatic window sometime- something has to give!

  4. It's impossible to do that, I mean unless he has cruise what a deviant!!!!