Tuesday, April 2, 2013

But... But...

We're hearing this a lot lately. But... But... I LIKE chokit. (Still can't have candy for breakfast.)
But... But... I'm still pwaying! (Sorry, kiddo, it's bedtime.)
But... But... I LUFF(love) it! (Sorry, babydoll. You can't have whatever it is right now.)
But... But... I just want to watch my show!

You get the idea. This is life with a three year old.

On another note, I read somewhere recently that an average 3 year old asks a thousand questions a day. I think whoever was counting missed a few hundred.

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  1. But Mom! I hear it all day, too. Of course, I also hear Butt way too much from them as well. ;-)

    B = Building Bildungsroman

  2. Ha, oh how I don't look forward to this phase....

  3. I kind of miss those days sometimes. Now, my boys' protests are like legal arguments, and I have to think fast for my rebuttals :-)

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  4. I have no kids, probably why I never got out of the habit of asking too many questions :D

  5. Too funny. You should tape her doing these things and then play them back at her 16th birthday party. That would be priceless.

  6. My 3yo grandson doesn't ask a million questions _ I think some kids are more prone than others...but man, the endless negotiations from B ring a bell or two!