Monday, April 22, 2013

R is for randomness

I know that technically it's early Monday morning, but since I'm just now going to bed lets pretend its still the weekend, ok?
Our 3 year old has been very sick this weekend, hence my R post of randomness. She seemed better tonight, so I'm hopeful she's over the worst of it. Last night she was heartbreakingly miserable. She has a sore throat, but throws up easily. The second round of vomiting I noticed blood - the blisters in her throat were bleeding! Poor baby just laid in my arms and cried. Today she had pain, but not as severe. She even dressed herself today, and played more.

I made beer bread in the crock pot tonight. It is SO good! I sprayed the crock with cooking spray and preheated it on high for a little while. I mixed the bread dough and put it directly in the pot. Lid on, and leave it alone. I started checking it after an hour. It was closer to an hour and a half before it was totally done. Golden top, chewy crust - perfection!

To ease Sophie's throat, I made peach pops. Frozen sliced peaches broken up in food processor, then put in blender with vanilla yogurt & a little apple juice. I didn't measure anything. Smoothie setting, and blend until it looks good! I filled 4 Popsicle mold holes (all I could find handles for) and put the rest in a cup for her as a "milkshake." Very soothing, and extra vitamins since she wasn't eating much.

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  1. You'll have to s hare the recipe because that sounds good and easy (the bread). Yum!

    1. It was super easy - a box of Tastefully Simple beer bread mix and a 12 oz bottle of beer. Stir together and dump in the crock pot, that's it!