Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O, the musical

(Ok, not really. But if you sing the words instead of reading this could be a musical!)

Once upon a time lived an orphaned owl, Ollie. He lived in an oak tree in Oklahoma. Ollie ogled other owls from his Oklahoman oak as they flew by. He observed Owen and Onita Owl and their owlets. Ollie listened to records of his favorite band, the Oneders, and imagined he was friends with Owen and Onita.
One day Ollie was at home watching One Tree Hill when Owen stopped by. "Onita & I are going to Outback for dinner, would you like to join us? We'll have a blooming onion." Ollie was overjoyed. Owen, Onita, & Ollie flew to Outback, opened the door, and obviously ordered onions. They chatted about the neighborhood, Owen & Onita's owlets Octavia and Oscar. Ollie told them about his job as an orthodontist and his recent visit to the ophthalmologist. Onita discussed organizing Owl Scouts and Owen offered his assistance in repairing Ollie's ongoing leak.

Once they returned home, Ollie was obviously thrilled. He made new friends!

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  1. You had fun with this alliteration, didn't you. :-)
    From a to z