Monday, April 15, 2013

Is Mondayness a myth?

You feel it, right? I do, too. The "Monday, ugh" feeling. And everything seems to go wrong on Mondays, too. Last week, we woke up late because the power had gone off overnight & the alarm clock didn't work. Then I realized that I had forgotten to turn on the dryer and all my dress clothes for work were still wet. Today, I could NOT make myself wake up and Sophie had a huuuuuuge meltdown because I wanted to brush her teeth. Seriously.
But oddly enough, my normal "Mondayness" is on Tuesday. Monday just gets a bad rep because the weekend has ended. We're tired, we had fun, and we don't want to go back to work.
I think Mondays aren't usually terrible for me because I prepare in anticipation of terribleness. I'll set up the coffee. I'll pre-pack my lunch. I'll choose what to wear. That way I'm ready if something does go wrong. Tuesday morning? I've done none of that.
Maybe I need to extend my disaster prep throughout the week. Hmm...
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  1. Usually by the time Monday rolls around I'm well resigned to the reality of it. It's Sunday night that is more depressing for me ;)