Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ten things that annoy me about Facebook

(Once again, idea found on this nifty list)

I've been using Facebook since the early days - after only Ivy-league schools were eligible, but still when you could only sign up with a valid university email address. It sure has changed a lot over the years, and grown tremendously. I think the changes are great, for the most part. It is definitely more user friendly, and it's become an excellent way to keep in touch with friends and family across the country and around the world.

Some things can be VERY annoying, though.

1. The stupid games. No, I do NOT want to build a farm, village, restaurant, or mafia. I don't want to hunt Easter eggs or pick corn or play poker or some weird game I've never heard of. I don't want to take ridiculous quizzes written by high school kids (who need to pay more attention in spelling and grammar class instead of writing stupid quizzes for Facebook).  If I get requests for these, I block the application. So quit. Too many, and I may block you, too.

2. Whiny posts. You know what I'm talking about. The "life sucks" status updates, or the ones that really contain too much information for such a public venue. Saying you're sick at home today is one thing. I don't want details.

3. cR38iVe sP3L7inG. Creative spelling looks ridiculous, is hard to read, and makes the person writing it look like they have an IQ that would be carded if it was an age. Also in this category are the status updates with swirlies and hearts and flowers that take up six lines to say five words.

4. The "post this if you have a mother/father/sister/brother/son/daughter/husband/wife/friend/randomstrangeronthestreet and love/hate/miss/respect/wishdeathupon them or else you are heartless/mean/insensitive/againstpuppies/reallysmart" status updates.

5. Checking in. (The Facebook version of FourSquare) Seriously, people, it's like asking to be robbed or stalked.

6. An endless stream of posts "talking" to a television show. No explanation should be needed here.

7. Solicitation posts. Yes, I post links to my blog posts and to my hair clip page/Etsy site, and sometimes write in the message box one sentence with a reason (new items added, something like that) but that's it. I hate being bombarded with post after post selling things. Mix it up a little!

8. Bad grammar. The only child I am Facebook friends with is my own child. Everyone else is an adult and should post in that manner! I don't expect formal language, but come on! Don't try to sound like a 15 year old rap artist. Fo realz yall. (See how stupid that looks?)

9. If you send me a text message about something on Facebook , please reference that in the message so I know what in the world you're talking about. Also, if I post something, don't ask my husband what I'm talking about, and vice-versa.  I don't check his profile so I likely don't have a clue what you're talking about.

10. Mean people suck. Seriously, just because you can't see the person you're insulting doesn't mean they aren't real. Be nice or be quiet.


  1. I love your blog! You are so right about facebook misuse and bad grammar. People don't seem to realize or remember that they are posting their public persona for the whole world to see. Why not make yourself look thoughtful rather than lazy, etc.

  2. #11 - Posting "goodnight FaceBook"

    Yes, I have lots of former students who are friends on FB, but occasionally this comes from an adult!

    Praying that our lives are interesting enough that we don't have to linger around on FB, just hoping that someone posts something that we can be the first to 'like'...

    blogging on YA books beyond the bestsellers at

  3. I totally agree with your 'what I don't like about facebook..."...there were some things you mentioned I totally related to. Other things you talked about, I've yet to experience, but I decided after reading what you said I would NOT like it either :)

    The thing I've loved about Facebook is it helps my family (which is spread across the globe) to stay in touch even with time differences. Other than that, I've no real use for it :)

  4. Ha! You know, 97% of the people online wouldn't have the guts to post what you did here. ;)
    Glad you were different.

  5. I just cheered a little. I'm going to post a link to this post on my Saturday blogathon recap. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Add this: Don't post on my wall, "Hi, what have you been up to lately?" Instead -- scroll down and read!

  7. I love this! I'm often forced to deal with #2, whiny posts. I've seen too many people use their Facebook posts as therapy. Ugh!

  8. Great insights, thoughtfully stated and entertaining as well.

  9. I saw your post in my Blogher feed and I must tell you I agree completely with you! I am going to share in on my Facebook page. Well said!

  10. People asking you to be their friend on facebook and then one day they suddenlyblock you from their wall. How immature!
    Or, they ask you to be your friend on facebook, but when you meet them in the grocery store they don't even look at you or say hi!

  11. Gosh most posts from my friends do not commit these crimes. Perhaps friend selection, like in the real world requires thought. Thanks for the blog. Enjoyable reading.

  12. Very good. Straight to the point. I guess we are all guilty of at least one annoying Facebook trait, right? :-)

  13. How about the couples who are 13 and been together for 2 weeks and write ten long updates a day about how they are "meant to be" and have "been through SO much already" and how everyone around them is "just jealous of" their "relationship."? Oh yes, as a married adult with a family and steady job I'm absolutly overwhealmed with envy for your relationship. I dumped facebook a few months ago and my life has been so much happier, and I only had 45 friends.