Tuesday, April 16, 2013


How many times do parents say "no" in a day?

No, you can't have fruit snacks for breakfast.
No, you can't have soda for breakfast.
No, I'm not stopping at McDonald's
No, you don't need a new whatchamacalit (insert any electronic gadget here).
No, we are not going out for dinner.
No, not ordering pizza.
No, you can't play outside in the rain.
No, don't hit the dog (or draw on him, or chase him, or ride him).
No more tv. No chocolate. No you can't stay home by yourself. No zoo today, I have to work.
No, no, no.

Then, there are the "I can't believe I just had to say that" nos:

Don't lick the dog.
Don't lick your sister.
Don't lick the floor.
Don't lick the walls.
(Notice a theme here?)
Stay out of the dryer.
Don't eat rocks.
Don't watch your videos on my phone when we're not at home on wifi.
Don't write on your furniture.

What are some things you've had to say "no" to that you didn't expect?


  1. For Aubrey? No don't bite the stainless steel door handle we have on our oven. Don't bite my computer cord. Don't poull the XM cord. Don't take your sesame street characters and hit the fireplace door with them. Don't bite your crib. Don't play with the faucet. Don't throw your food on the floor. I could go on all day :-)

  2. What's wrong with licking all those things? No harm in licking the wall, surely?!

  3. "No more dead things in the house."