Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writing break

As before:
I found a first line here and start with it and just write. I'll write until I have to stop to think and we'll see where this goes. Enjoy! (Hopefully)

Ellen threw her bag on the floor and burst into tears. This day was not going as she had planned. Her favorite eye shadow fell and shattered, she was late catching the train to work, and once she was there noticed a spot on her blouse and a hole in the seam of her pants! Of course there was no going home to change. Even if it was convenient instead of an hour commute each way, there was too much to be done at work. Deadlines, meetings, and then the final interviews for the promotion she was trying for. How would she ever get promoted now? She couldn't even get herself to work on time and looking presentable! She set the timer on her phone for five minutes and just let herself cry. Her door was locked and no one could see her. When she heard the chirp of the alarm, she dried her eyes, repaired her makeup with the emergency kit she kept in her desk drawer, and took a deep breath.

There. That felt better. Even in-control ladies have emotional outbursts. She made a cup of tea and calmed herself by taking a quick inventory of her office. Desk drawers - all closed. Handles dust-free. Pens lined up by color and purpose. Emergency kit - stocked. Makeup, wipes, sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, ruler, cleaning cloths. Phone at exactly a 55 degree angle to her computer. She picked up her ruler and checked her books. Yes, all lined up. Wonderful. She stirred her tea five times and then took five sips. She counted the shelves on her bookcase - five. She checked the drawers on her side cabinet - five. She wiped imaginary spots and fingerprints off each one. She sat in her cozy corner chair and said a prayer of gratitude for five things in her life.

At precisely 5:00, she walked five doors down to the conference room for her interview session for the promotion. Something told her she had this. She knocked softly on the door. Rap rap rap rap rap A voice said "Come in," and she opened the door. The firm's five partners were sitting around the table.

Yes, she had this. Silly little compulsions or not, she could get this promotion. The signs were all around.

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