Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fit Mama Club Week 7

What a week this has been! With Emma's illness, my pain, and all the normal "stuff" I'm happy to rest this weekend. However, I did stay within my calorie goal every day this week!

Last Week's Weight Loss: 1 lb
Total Weight Loss: 8 lbs
Last Week's High: On Sunday we went to the park to walk the trail. I walked close to a mile and a half! I made better meal and snack choices all week, too.
Last Week's Low: OMG the pain! Friday after my first PT session I had this neat electrical massage thing stuck to my back and a heating pad on top of that. I laid there for 15 minutes enjoying it. Yesterday I did my exercises, and could barely move the rest of the day. It was awful. I hurt so bad I wanted to throw up.
Plan For This Week: Keep trying the exercises. I have two more sessions this week. Keep planning lunch and dinner so we're not scrambling.


  1. I sure wish you lived close... my exercise habits are all over the place. I wish I had a partner to be accountable to! 8lbs is great!

  2. You are so motivating! Thanks for being such a great Fit Mama Club partner! :) Don't forget to link up on my blog: