Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fit Mama Club Week 8

Last Week's Weight Loss: 0 lb
Total Weight Loss: 8 lbs
Last Week's High: I did ok most days with staying within my calorie goal. My focus this week was on Emma, though, so I didn't do much else.
Last Week's Low: Even though yesterday was a wonderful day with my mom, I completely blew my calories for the day. We stopped for dessert at Cracker Barrel, and my piece of cake had almost 800 calories!
Plan For This Week: Watch my food intake every day. Keep doing my PT exercises (and use a heating pad after so I can walk afterward!), and do some form of exercise at least twice this week.


  1. It's tough, especially when family concerns take center stage. My sugar tooth gets me. I wish I didn't want it and had more will power.

    Best wishes for the coming week (for your health and progress and Emma's!).

  2. Thank you for your encouragement!
    The sugar gets me, too. Last night I looked at my weekly summary on MyFitnessPal,and I had close to tripled my target sugar intake for the week! I can't blame all that on the cake... but I'm not sure how to stop it, either! Fruit adds a lot - even MILK has lots of natural sugar. MFP doesn't differentiate.

  3. Great job!! The key is to keep pressing forward even if there are minor set backs.

    I found out I can use my hubby's computer and for some reason it allows me to comment- FINALLY!!! :)