Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday!

I'm hoping that the week will end nicely. This week has been... interesting. And tiring.

Monday was fine. Tuesday morning on my way to work I had to go back and pick up Emma from school and take her back home. She gets recurring (but thankfully not frequent) horrible headaches. She hadn't had much appetite and felt very nauseous with it. I worked part of the day and came home early. Slight fever (not really enough to classify as a fever, but higher than normal) and no improvement. Wednesday morning, no change. I remembered her prescription medicine for the headaches and gave her a dose of it, and had her stay in bed until it was time for Sophie's checkup that morning. Still no improvement. Thinking she just needed a medication change, I called the office to see if she could possibly be seen while I had Sophie there, and she was worked in later that morning.

After several calls back and forth with updates (I had to come on to work but luckily Nana is back on Wednesday duty and took care of both girls) it was decided that she should try a combination of Claritin and Afrin for 5 days, a new prescription for the pain, and keep a headache diary. We go back next Wednesday to follow up. Poor girl has been miserable, though.

On a positive note, Sophie's checkup was great! She is 26 lbs 11 oz now, and 33 1/2 inches tall! I was amazed - she doesn't seem that tall to me. She still is only saying maybe 15 words, but her doctor said between now and her second birthday we'll see a huge improvement in her vocabulary and decline in attitude :) She had one more shot, and she's done until age 4!

Today I started physical therapy for my back/hip pain. It was a long session, and for a while the therapist was stumped. Nothing seemed to make sense. We finally determined that it was not just one thing causing the pain, but at least two problems. I have my list of exercises to do every day and next week's schedule. At the end of today's session I was hooked up to this electrical stimulation/massagey thing that was heavenly. I'd go back every day for that!

Tomorrow Emma and I are planning another mother/daughter date. We're going to see the Glee movie. Hopefully the weather will be nice, also, and we can do more painting on our house! I am impatient to get it done so I can see the change.

And mainly so I can count once and for all - a list of Sophie's words:
Mama, Dada (or daddy), Adda (or Emma), Daisy, Tucker, Charla, out, me, mine, please, uh-oh, ow, ew, what's this?, What's that?, hi, hello, NeeNee for Bunny, Mammy for her monkey. She's working on milk but it sounds more like she's meowing.

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  1. Hope you can figure out poor Emma's headaches. Way to go, Sophie!