Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good morning!

I'm testing a blogging app I downloaded to my phone last night. Several times I've wanted to write but didn't have computer access, so out of curiosity I went searching in the app store. So far I like it!

Just for fun, here's a picture I snapped last night at Target.

Sophie wanted to help! She was cute last night, waving at everyone we met.

We all met at the store after work, and didn't get out until after 7. Since it was so late, we ordered Chili's carry out to take home. I am happy that even though I ordered my usual crispy shrimp tacos (and they were delicious) I didn't go over my calorie limit for the day! I had to laugh, though. I ordered my tacos without tomato. There are 3 in an order. Two were tomatoless.

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  1. What do you think of the app? We're planning a trip to England, and I'm thinking about ways to not take the laptop. The converters, etc., will be a challenge. Plus, sometimes I think it would be nice to not have to wait until I got to the computer, and it would be nice to write more than Twitter allows.

  2. It's really easy to set up and to post. One feature that excited me was the automatic posting to Twitter and Facebook, but those aren't quite what I expected. The Facebook post was blank - no link or anything. The Twitter post worked, but just posted the title and a shortened link; no chance to edit the tweet or add anything. It's handy, though, for posting while traveling. It was easy to add a photo from my phone.