Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random Pinterest finds

I love Pinterest.

I've found so many neat things and great ideas on that site! Craft ideas, recipes, inspiration, even planning Sophie's second birthday party.

Like recipes:

Two-ingredient ice cream bread
Homemade pretzel bites

Crafty ideas:
Handprint owl
DIY dollhouse
Good ideas:
Spice rack for other organization
Moss graffiti 
And things that just make me smile:
I love this expression
And this is just a tiny reason why I love Pinterest. I have things that are important to me, things that inspire me, and things I hope to have pinned on different boards. From the board entitled "Dream home" on which I pin photos of rooms or houses that really shout out to me, I realize that I want a home with light, open spaces, and a sunny, breezy feeling. And lots of book storage.

I also have a whole board planning Sophie's birthday party. I'm finding lots of ideas from Etsy.com that I know I can make myself! It's several months away but I'm already getting excited. And gives me plenty of time to start making things!

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  1. Never heard of this, but I'll be checking it out. Love the pictures!