Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rambling? Maybe.

I'm up early on a Saturday morning (I know it's not early now, but I've been up for 2 hours already). I just printed a menu planning worksheet I used in the past. I'm going to plan out a week of healthy meals, and go grocery shopping. I found some helpful guidelines yesterday that I printed out, so I'm not quite as overwhelmed as I was earlier in the week. It also looks like I won't have THAT many changes to make! I've never eaten terribly unhealthy; I always buy and cook lean meats because I can't stand fat (it leaves such a horrible taste in the meat, even when cut off), I never fry foods, and use olive oil if I cook with oil at all. Mostly I use cooking spray, unless I'm using a nonstick pan.

I can see where it will be difficult, though: I love sweet tea. I am Southern, remember? It's in our blood!  That just reminded me of something. A few years ago my sister in law was visiting from Illinois (land of no sweet tea). We were at a restaurant and I ordered a glass, and after the waitress left she asked me "How do you know they serve it here?" I just told her that down here, everyone serves it. Usually if you don't specify unsweet you will get sweet. That's just how it is! Anyway, I can drink a lot of it. Since I started using My Fitness Pal I've really cut back, though. I need to drink more water at home. I also have been keeping lemonade and Koolaid in the refrigerator as alternatives, but neither is the sugar-free version. I always wonder, though, which is worse: real sugar or chemical sweeteners?

With the whole cholesterol thing thrown in, I'm almost afraid of breakfast. I love omelets (eggs, bacon pieces, cheese) but that's high in cholesterol. I love pancakes, but those aren't exactly healthy either. Biscuits? Pure carbs. I wish Bisquick came in a whole wheat variety! That would make weekend breakfasts so much simpler :)

Today is going to be a busy day. We have a lot to do this weekend, and tonight is my 15 year high school reunion. Luckily, it's at a restaurant minutes from my house. That's super convenient today! If we had to travel again the day would be awful. There is just too much to be done, and this is not the weekend for that hour drive each way.


  1. I so admire your commitment to eating healthfully. Breakfast is a challenge, isn't it? I like to eat food that is local and seasonal, so where I live in Poland, that means lots of fruit at breakfast. The problem is that I'm always hungry soon afterward. Just writing this reminded me that smoothies are the answer. I like no fat, plain yogurt with whatever ripe fruit I have available--plums, peaches, pears, etc. I usually have to throw in a little sugar, but by and large, it's a healthy (lots of vitamins and fiber, together with high protein) breakfast fix.

  2. You're the second person who's mentioned smoothies this week! I have a whole book of smoothie recipes from when I was pregnant - I need to get it out and get some ingredients. I remember there was one I just loved. That's something I could have on my way to work, too.
    I love fruit :)

  3. Yes! I agree try smoothies!!! I haven't done them myself but I've heard great things. I've been thinking of trying them out too.