Friday, August 12, 2011

My Skirt! interview

If you didn't know, I have been a blogger for for several years now.  This is a blog feature this week - the SkirtSetters are doing interviews. It's fun getting to know little details about everyone! Here's mine.
Meet: Christine

Right now I’m reading: Oddly enough, I'm not reading anything at the moment. It's a bit shocking! But I am expecting a copy of Depression Cookies, and can't wait to read it.

My lucky charm: I don't have one.

Signature Scent: I don't wear perfume often any more. I got out of the habit when I was pregnant with Sophie - the morning sickness was just too bad! When I do wear it, it's Stella McCartney. I LOVE it.

One item always in my purse: A pouch with many lipsticks. I like my choices :)

Where I Get My Coffee: My favorite coffee shop closed (but they're reopening soon!  Can't wait!) so right now i'm doing instant cappuccino at my desk at work.

My Workout: I don't really have a "workout." I like to go to the park with the family and walk the trail. In the near future I'll be doing physical therapy also, so that will be a

Red, White or Beer? I drink so little that it was a couple interviews in that I realized this meant alcohol...

I love: My husband. My daughters. Red. Music. Reading. Writing. Trees. Autumn. Beautiful clothes. Our town. The lake. The ocean. My parents. My extended family. My heart-sisters.My friends. Shoes. Baby kisses.

What makes me smile: So many things every day - Sophie dancing to SuperBass. Emma laughing so hard she can't breathe. A hug and kiss from my husband.
(Sophie's dance is here)

I Can’t Live Without: My family. Caffiene. Internet. Sugar. Food. Oxygen. Sleep. Books. Conversation.

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  1. Can't wait to hear what you think of Depression Cookies, and the video of Sophie made my morning. Too cute!