Thursday, June 2, 2011

It. Is. HOT

Our six-day forecast
Summer has arrived early in East Tennessee, and with a vengeance.  It seems Mother Nature is trying to overcompensate for the unusually cold winter we had by cooking us in our skins like walking baked potatoes. And because our house seems to be rebelling against us, and apparently our air conditioning unit was jealous of the attention the refrigerator got last month, it stopped working sometime overnight or early this morning.

See those temps above?? This is NOT the time to have no air conditioning.

Our house is covered in a dark brown, composite siding. It's unbelievably hard, and absorbs heat. At the end of the day, the heat radiates into the house. Even with a working unit it's in the 80s in our house in late afternoon when it is this hot outside. It's miserable! I think it's a combination of poor insulation and the fact that there is only 1 vent each in the living room and kitchen. There is one in each bedroom, and they stay cool. It's the main living area that is a problem.

But anyway, I called the repairman that fixed our refrigerator. Yes, the mixup with what day the part would be in was frustrating, but miscommunication happens and I've heard many good things about this man. And I already know his rates are reasonable. So, I called. He could have come right then but it takes me an hour to get home from work, and by that time he wouldn't have enough time before his next set appointment to do anything, so he's coming first thing in the morning. Hopefully it's something minor (read: inexpensive) and easily fixed. We just can't take that much heat!

Oddly enough, the a/c unit is acting just like the refrigerator did - the compressor works (thank goodness!) but not the fan. Strange.


  1. hope you got your air conditioning unit fixed!!

  2. Love the hand. We are living in two parallel worlds... my AC fan is busted, but thankfully our high 90s temps went away for a few days (since the AC guy couldn't come until Monday!).

  3. We're fixed! He said he'd come between 8 and 9, and he pulled up right at 8:00 this morning! It was a part he had with him, and the total was under $100.

    Tia, enjoy the break in temps! I keep hoping for a forecast change here.
    What's REALLY funny, is when I went to the news site to pull up the 6 day forecast, it said Wednesday would be 921. Luckily my husband saved the image to email a friend, because it was changed within a minute :) I may post the saved pic later, it's funny.