Friday, June 17, 2011


It seems I have a doppelganger in our town. Even though it's been nearly 10 years since I first was mistaken for her, I have yet to actually meet her. Sometimes I wish I could, though, just to see for myself. Our town is not very large, either, just under 9,000 residents. You'd think in a decade we'd come across each other directly.

It all started when I was working at a department store in our town. I was one of the supervisors, and one afternoon when I was returning from taking our daily deposit to the bank, I noticed an older gentleman in a parked car looking at me very strangely. I figured it was because I had two umbrellas (had left mine in my car so borrowed a friend's & took both back in) and let it go. A little while later I was helping the cashier at the register, and the same man and his wife came through my line. It seems I looked so much like their granddaughter that he thought I was her in the parking lot! But he didn't recognize the car and obviously she didn't work for our store. His wife said that even our mannerisms were the same.

Not long after that a restaurant opened in our town. My husband, daughter and I went for dinner the weekend they opened. We walked up to the podium for a table, and the hostess looked at me and said "What are you doing back here already?" Guess who worked at the new restaurant - the granddaughter! She had worked all day that day, but was already gone. All the times we've eaten there, never saw her.

I had actually forgotten about her, but then something else odd happened.

I really like breakfast from Krystal. For those of you not in the south, it's similar to White Castle, and the little burger things are just as disgusting. Their breakfast, however, is great. Where else can you get scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and grits and not have to go to a sit-down restaurant? There are two I'll usually stop at in the mornings, one near the babysitter's house or one near my workplace. I haven't been to the one in our town in years, literally. I don't like anything but their breakfast, so there's never been a reason to go to that one.

Shortly before school was out for the summer, though, my husband was out of town and I had to take Emma to school. The restaurant is very close to her school, and I pass it on the way back through town. I was hungry, so I stopped there. I ordered my usual  - Express Breakfast with no meat, toast, and either hash browns or grits, depending on if I'm eating in the car or taking to my closet-office.  When I got to the window the manager was working there, and he wanted to let me know that chicken could be substituted for the listed meats, since he knew I didn't eat pork. I thanked him, and left extremely confused. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I had been there, and I've never been inside the restaurant, only the drive-through! And maybe three times in the 12 years we've lived there.

Then it dawned on me: my twin must go there a lot, and order the same thing I do!

This is getting scary...

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