Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day weekend

We actually celebrated Father's Day in our family yesterday, since today Emma went to camp for the week. We let Daddy sleep in, made his requested breakfast of pancakes and bacon, and gave him his gift. I took photos of the girls holding letters to spell out "Daddy" and put them in a 5-space collage frame. It turned out great!

Today after church, we loaded up Emma's bags (the girl can pack a lot for a week at camp!) and went first to my parents' house (they live near the camp). We gave my dad one of his gifts, a framed picture of the girls with "Papa" scrapbook sticker things on the matting. His requested gift was to wash his truck, but it was rainy today so we're going to do that next weekend when we go down to get Emma from camp.

The greatest thing happened today, too. Sophie has always needed a while to warm up to her Papa each visit, I guess because she doesn't see him quite as often. Today, though, even though she had just woken up, she went right to him and spent so much time playing with him today!
Sophie and Papa
We ate a VERY early dinner, and took Emma to camp. She had been saying for a few weeks that she didn't want to go anymore, but I told her it was too late - she was all registered and paid for, no refunds. She always has a great time, and I knew she would once she was there. From the time we pulled in she was so excited, and ran off to find a bed in her "usual" cabin. While she settled in, we took Sophie around the camp to check things out. I spent two summers working at this camp, and it's where my husband and I met and started dating. So this place is special to our family.
Toes in the lake

 Once Sophie was worn out, we found Emma to say goodbye. She had already made friends in her cabin and was having a great time. We will miss her, but I know she will have a great week.


  1. Sophie is a natural in front of a camera. The pictures of her are always too cute. And your daughter Emma is beautiful, too. But there's nothing sweeter than the picture of Sophie and Papa. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you! I love this picture so much, it makes my heart smile :) She has always taken so long to warm up with him, but yesterday she went right to him and played with him and gave hugs and kisses all day. Such a good Father's Day gift for him.