Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Klout cracks me up

Just for fun this week, I finally checked my Klout score. I didn't expect much, but apparently I'm more influential than I thought. I laughed so hard (and had a real "wtf??" moment) when I read their list of topics I'm influential in, though: teens, shoes, movies, photography, turkey, clothing, coffee, Netflix, Israel.

Ok, teens, shoes, and clothing I understand. Netflix I can kind of see, also. But turkey? Not the country, the food. How in the world am I influential about turkey? I don't like the Thanksgiving version, I do like it on sandwiches, but that's the extent of it for me. Photography? I take pictures of my children, but I am no expert at all. I don't even have a great camera! Coffee - it's ok. Not a passion of mine. And all I know if Israel is what happens in the books The Hope and The Glory. Beyond that- nothing.

Klout is an interesting analysis of social media usage, though. First of all, some stats. On Twitter, I follow 286 people and 209 follow me. I have 320 Facebook friends. I don't use LinkedIn or other social media platforms. I was not expecting much.  According to the site, though, I influence 171 users of social media! I've had 111 unique people mention me, 37 unique users retweet my Tweets, 56 unique users "like" something I've posted on Facebook, and 55 unique commenters on Facebook. Klout concludes that I have "built a good sized network that is highly engaged."

Overall, it's good information to know. Knowledge is power, right? But the list of topics I'm supposedly influential in is hilarious.

Turkey anyone?


  1. Interesting, I'm going to have to check this out. I've never even heard of Klout before today, but clearly you've now influenced me! Great post.

  2. I'd seen it mentioned mostly on Twitter, occasionally on Facebook in a business-related way (not mine, but the poster's SEO business). I finally thought I'd check it out. It was very easy to do! Now to figure out what the score means, if anything.

  3. I had never heard of Klout- now you have made me curious.