Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Our lifesavers right now
See these ice chests? This is how we've been keeping our food from being a total loss since Friday evening. We did lose a lot, but with these four coolers we are able to have milk, juice, Sophie's cottage cheese and yogurt, and the miscellaneous condiments, cheeses, and butter usually found in a refrigerator. We could get a package of sandwich meat for lunch, and keep enough food for cooking one day at a time.

On Saturday morning, since it was too late Friday evening, I started calling appliance repair services in our area. I have high standards I suppose, since my father had his own repair business for many years and was very good at it. In fact, through conversations with him I was sure I knew what was wrong with our refrigerator before anyone looked at it. But I don't think my standards were too high this weekend - we were desperate.

The first business I called advertised 24/7 emergency service, and listed both a business phone and a cell phone. I tried the business phone first, but the recording said to call the cell number. I did, and left a voice mail. After all, it was Saturday morning. Growing up with a father who did this work, I understand that repair people have lives also, but thought I'd get a call back pretty quickly. After an hour, I wasn't so sure any more.
I called someone else, who my father knows, but he warned me this person was very hard to reach because he stayed pretty busy. Another message left. Another hour waited.

I went back to the phone book, and tried another local company. This time, I got an answer when I called. We gave the model number and serial number, and a short time later the repairman called to say that he was on his way. The refrigerator was moved out again, he did the checking, and confirmed the problem. However, he didn't have the part for our particular refrigerator in stock and had to order it. He told us it would be in Tuesday (today) and he'd be back then to finish. If he got it Monday he'd let us know and come then. We weren't thrilled with waiting until today, but relieved that it wasn't a major issue (like the compressor. Yikes!).

Since we didn't know what time he'd be coming, I took the day off work today. I work about 45 minutes from home and didn't want to miss out on our repair. Also, after the refrigerator is working again I'd have to put everything in those coolers back into the refrigerator and freezer, and go to the store to restock our meats (all were lost). Around lunchtime today, I called to get a general time frame of when I could expect him to our house, since I had a few other things to get done today, including picking up E from school. I found out when I called that it would be after lunch - TOMORROW. The part won't be in until lunchtime tomorrow!

Yes, I told him that we were promised Tuesday and that I had taken off work today just for that reason. He repeated that it would be tomorrow, and I asked why we weren't told of the delay. The connection was so bad I couldn't even understand his answer, but it really didn't matter. It wouldn't change the fact that the part isn't here.

So, another evening of one-meal purchases, replacing the ice with fresh ice, and trying to remember which box holds the milk, which has the butter, and where Sophie's food was buried, all the while keeping her from opening the lids and playing in the ice.

I just want our refrigerator back!


  1. We've had refrigerator issues too. We finally had to buy a new one. Not having a fridge is a MAJOR deal, esp with kids. But it's just such a pain in the butt and I was always worried about what would be "safe" to still eat. So much waste!! Hope it all works out soon Christine.

  2. Oh my word. That is awful. So sorry you have to go through this right now. Good idea with the coolers though!

  3. Hope this is now resolved! ;-(

  4. Finally, it's fixed! I am so happy to have it working again. Now to put our kitchen back in order...