Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday randomness

Today while taking Sophie to the babysitter's house, I saw a tree on a house. Think about that for a minute - a tree ON a house. It wasn't there last night on our way home, so sometime during the night, probably while the residents were inside, a large tree fell on top of their house. How scary that must have been!


Emma has been at camp all week. Yesterday before leaving work I called to find out what time on Saturday we were to pick her up, since I forgot to ask when we left her on Sunday. I found out it was 7 pm... tonight. No way we could get there at that time! My husband could, but I work farther away. And I'm not waiting at home for them. So, tonight her Nana is picking her up (they live very close to the camp), and she's spending the night there. In the morning, as planned originally, the rest of us are going down to wash my dad's truck for his Father's Day gift and bring Emma home. Sophie will be very happy to see her sister, she's been looking around the house for her.


She doesn't know it yet, but Sunday afternoon we're leaving Sophie at home with Daddy and Em and I are going out for some mom-daughter time. It's been too long and we need it. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, but I am sure we'll have fun doing it. I am very glad that she and I enjoy spending time together. I hope that never changes.


Next week Sophie will be 17 months old. She loves to sing now, and since she can't say a majority of the words she just sings along in baby babble. She knows the tunes, though, and claps and says "yay!" at the end of each one. Her favorites are the ABC song and Wheels on the Bus. She will sing along with any song she hears, though. Emma was the same as a little one - although she was making up her own songs at this age! Sophie is a little dancer, too. Last night after dinner my husband and I were watching a show on TV and she stood in her chair dancing to the entire theme song, shaking her little butt around and waving an arm in the air, finishing with a flourish and a grin. I wish I had thought to record her!

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  1. I loved this format. I often have bits and pieces of things to say, but don't want to spend a whole post on them. I really enjoyed this. How amazing to enjoy your two girls at such different stages!