Saturday, May 26, 2012

YouTube fun

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope you have lots of fun planned for the weekend, or at least lots of relaxation. Just for fun, here are some YouTube videos that I discovered today. Enjoy!

The first one, the 2 year old ballerinas fighting on stage, cracked me up. I can totally see Sophie and her friend doing this. They love each other, but if they're both in a bad mood at daycare I am told they fight all day! But still can't be separated. The videography in that one is a bit rough, but you can tell what's going on.

The second one is an elaborate proposal from a guy named Isaac to his girlfriend. Watch the whole thing, and I dare you not to smile. It is impossible.


  1. LOVE the second video!!!

    Here's the video that always makes me laugh!

    1. LOL! Oh wow. He's insane! But in a good way ;)
      After posting, I found this video looking for cows for Sophie (she likes cows a lot). It's trippy but she was enthralled with it!

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  3. Wow-- the second video was amazing- the guy went to so much effort and all the family members and friends who helped him- WOW WOW WOW- I could NOT help smiling- and I ended up laughing!!!