Monday, May 21, 2012

Big day!

Today has been a very rushed, very busy day. I had a full day's worth of patients done by 1:25 today. At 1:30 I walked over to the hospital's professional building for a doctor's appointment. That took much longer than I anticipated, so I was late leaving to pick up the girls. Sophie was at her babysitter's house, Emma at school. She had to change clothes and get ready for tonight.... middle school graduation.


But, since I was so late, it was rush rush to get her home, then go back to the sitter's house to get Sophie. We got home literally 5 minutes before we had to leave to get Emma to graduation.

We were slightly late (but not bad).

Then, it started. My baby girl walked across the stage, and is now officially no longer in middle school. This fall, she will enter high school.

When Emma went across the stage, Sophie yelled and cheered for her from the balcony. Emma heard her. Sophie is a little loud.

Then, we went to dinner to celebrate, and I am finally able to rest for a few minutes.

Wait, Sophie is still up...

I'll rest eventually.


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  2. Every milestone reminds me of how brief our time with our children really is. Congratulations to your daughter! So glad you got to celebrate!!

  3. What a wonderful event- bittersweet- congratulations!!!!!!!

  4. aw, congratulations to your daughter!